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WLD1010: What is Wildlife?

Students demonstrate knowledge of wildlife and ecosystems, and examine the need to manage and conserve wildlife.

This module introduces a lot of the elements covered in more detail in later modules. It forms a solid foundation for further study in this strand.

In accordance with WLD1010 guidelines this module has been divided into 3 sections: Awareness, Ecosystems and Wildlife Conservation and Preservation. These sections have then been sub-divided into short units. Unit assignments require the free program Adobe Reader to view and print.

These modules fit together as outlined in the Scope & Sequence chart.


Awareness 1| Awareness 2| Awareness 3| Awareness 4| Awareness 5| Awareness 6| Awareness 7| Awareness 8| Awareness 9

Unit 1- Introduction

unit 1 assignment (pdf)

Wildlife Overview

Unit 2- National Wildlife Areas

unit 2 assignment (pdf)

Unit 3- Boreal Forest

unit 3 assignment (pdf)

Unit 4- Foothills

unit 4 assignment (pdf)

Unit 5- "When Wildlife Attacks"

unit 5 assignment (pdf)

Unit 6- The Rockies

unit 6 assignment (pdf)

Unit 7- The Parklands

unit 7 assignment (pdf)

Unit 8- The Grasslands

unit 8 assignment (pdf)

Unit 9- Species at Risk

unit 9 assignment (pdf)


Ecosystems 1 | Ecosystems 2 | Ecosystems 3

Unit 1- Abiotic Factors

unit 1 assignment (pdf)

Unit 2- Limiting Factors, Carrying Capacity and Adaptations

unit 2 assignment and support materials (pdf)


Unit 3- Biotic Factors

unit 3 assignment (pdf)

Unit 4- Energy Movement

unit 4 assignment (pdf)

Unit 5- Population Numbers

unit 5 assignment (pdf)