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RAP (Registered Appreticeship Program)

There has never been a better time to consider a career in the trades. It is currently an area of the workforce where there are excellent employment opportunites and the RAP program is an excellent way to get started. The program has three huge advantages in its favour:

  1. You generate credits towards graduation while you work.
  2. You accumulate hours towards your journeyman certification.
  3. You get paid for your work.

With these benefits you can imagine that competition for places is fierce. The marks you receive in your grade 10 year along with your attendance profile are two huge determining factors in your selesction. Students must maintain an average of at least %65 to be conidered for the program and have no unexcused absences.


If you are applicant for next year's program listen very carefully to the daily announcements as there are several mandatory meetings during the second semester. Listen for the dates of these. Also make sure you are getting your paperwork in order. Don't leave it all to the last minute. While you may work well under pressure staff and employers may not. Don't do this to them if you want a good report/ reference!