Recent Projects

Course Overview

Fabrication Studies is a "module" based CTS subject. This means that a student will complete a series of individual modules with each contributing a single credit towards graduation.

We are currently able to offer 16 different Fabrication Studies modules. These modules cover most welding processes and some of the fabrication processes.

Fabrication 1, 2, 3C

A student enrolling in Fabrication 1C, 2C, or 3C will select modules based on personal interest however as the modules increase in complexity they will rely increasingly on knowledge a student is expected to have acquired from other modules.

To assist students with planning their course, module prerequisites are indicated with arrows in the course outline and listed alongside suggested supporting modules in the module description. It is strongly recommended that students consider these suggestions

Grade 9

In most high schools across Alberta welding is not offered to students in grade 9. We are however happy to be able to offer a welding program to grade 9 students. The program consists of 5 modules: FAB 1010, FAB 1050, FAB 1040, FAB 2040 and FAB 2030 which are to be completed in this order.

Tools & Materials

All the necessary tools and equipment for the completion of the practical components of the modules are provided so students do not need to bring any equipment with them work. However if you have any equipment you would like to donate to our program it will be gratefully received. The fact that members of the community donate to our program is one of the major reasons we are able to offer such a comprehensive coverage of welding and fabrication processes.


The materials a student uses in completion of their practical work is all provided. For grade 9 students and those students completing FAB 1010 this includes the materials they require for producing their final project but before a student begins work on their project they must first submit their plans for approval. Wherever possible projects are approved however there are time constraints and financial constraints on the type of project that a student can produce. Check out the projects page for some ideas.


Safe use of the shop is our primary concern. In this section you'll find general safety information for the shop as well as a link to the safety consent form in .pdf format which you can print out and sign should the one sent home happen to go astray.


Term, module, PLC, holidays and exam dates are all here. To the best of my knowledge all these dates are correct but before making important plans or preparing for an exam it always pays to double check.


Over on the right you'll see some of the projects students in the class have produced. They range from skateboard and snowboard rails to the most delicate roses and lillies with everything in between. Click their images to see them in more detail and read a description of their manufacture. Visit the projects page for a full list of the student projects for which there are photographs.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Full PPE: earplugs, gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing, must be worn in the shop at all times. This is another area where donations are very gratefully received. We spend a good proportion of our budget on these items and while will we always provide them, the money must come from somewhere.