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At you'll find information about my classes and about the school in general including term dates, module descriptions and course overviews. Browse the section summaries below or dive right into any section you're interested in by clicking one of the links on the left.


In this section I've included as much information about the course and it's set-up as I can. There is a flow chart for the module progression as we as links to the official module information pages on Alberta Learning's Web site. If you still have any questions about the course please don't hesitate to contact me,

Web Log

You may find the class Web log or "blog" of particular interest. It is a place where I write down all of the things that go on in the class as well as details of any assignments and homework that students should be doing.

Blog Entry

An example of a "blog" entry


Safe use of the shop is our primary concern. In this section you'll find general safety information for the shop as well as a link to the safety consent form in .pdf format which you can print out and sign should the one sent home happen to go astray.


Term, module, PLC, holidays and exam dates are all here. To the best of my knowledge all these dates are correct but before making important plans or preparing for an exam it always pays to double check.


Over on the right you'll see some of the projects students in the class have produced. They range from skateboard and snowboard rails to the most delicate roses and lillies with everything in between. Click their images to see them in more detail and read a description of their manufacture. Visit the projects page for a full list of the student projects for which there are photographs.