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Science 9

Course Outline

Biological Diversity

TOPIC 1: Biological Diversity & Survival Unit 1: Topic 1 Assignment

A list of the hybrid animals that have bred naturally and have been bred for show.

Over 100 000 lowland Gorillas found in a swamp in the Congo.

Not all life relies on energy from the sun. hydrothermal vent ecosystems are unique as they get all their enrgy from the nutrient supplied by the vents.

Sea Otters flaunting their ban.

The Left-Handed Advantage Is it good to be 'leftie'?

TOPIC 2: Habitat and Lifestyle Unit 1: Topic 2 Assignment

TOPIC 3: Passing it On Unit 1: Topic 3 Assignment

Invertebrates and even some vertebrates can reproduce via parthenogenesis.

Cloning Exercise

TOPIC 4: Wearing yout Genes Unit 1: Topic 4 Assignment

Nature Vs. Nurture Assignment