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Course Outline.

Unit 1- Mix & Flow of Matter

TOPIC 1: Matter on the Move Unit 1: Topic 1 Assignment

Upside down lightning if you do google searches for "Red Sprites" and "Blue Jets" you'll find lots of pictures of this upside-down lightning.

Plasma Information Lots of other sites have information about this probably has a few videos of it too.

Bose-Einstein Condensate Information There are a couple of animations, about halfway down, that model what it would look like. You'll see the B.E.C. (as it is called by people in the loop: like you!) grow as the temperature drops.

Enthalpy is a fancy name for heat energy but don't take my work for it.

The correct term for the change in state from gas to solid is deposition. The formation of frost is an example of this.

TOPIC 2: Mixing and Dissolving Unit 1: Topic 2 Assignment

Monignac Lascaux is the location of some of the best preserved paleolithic cave paintings. make sure you check out the The Shaft of the Dead Man.

TOPIC 3: Separating Earth's Mixtures Unit 1: Topic 3 Assignment

TOPIC 4: Flow Rate and Viscosity Unit 1: Topic 4 Assignment

TOPIC 5: Density Unit 1: Topic 5 Assignment

TOPIC 6: Buoyancy Unit 1: Topic 6 Assignment

TOPIC 7: Fluid Pressure Unit 1: Topic 7 Assignment



Unit 4 Topic 8: People and Machines Industrial Revolution Assignment